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Bat Guano: The Optimal Fecal Fertilizer

My first experience with bat guano dates back to a time in my youth while I was enjoying the satirical antics of Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura, pet detective, in the movie Nature Calls. While enjoying a simple traditional, tribal meal, Ace comes to the shocking realization the dish he was eating from was made from bat guano.

In my own research much later, I found bat guano is a common supplemental material used in the development of tribal pottery and artisanship. Diving deeper into the rabbit hole of knowledge I was drawn to the uses of bat guano. What I found most interesting of this versatile fecal matter, was its application in garden care.

Bat guano consists of 10% nitrogen, 3% phosphorus and 1% potassium as well as various micronutrients plants need for healthy growth. With this natural 10-3-1 NPK ratio, bat guano helps promote green, rapid growth of lawns or newly developed young plants, supports flowering and root growth, as well as sustain a strong stem for flowers and trees. Furthermore, when mixed in the soil, bat guano isn’t easily washed away by the heavy rains of Florida summers. Through this quality, bat guano remains in your soil and continues to provide the nutritional benefits your garden and lawn needs.

Annual Flowers Miami  The functionality of bat guano continues, serving as a soil conditioner that helps hold together loose soils and make dense, poorly drained soils, lighter. Moreover, bat guano consists of naturally occurring microbes that increase the water retention capabilities of the soil, increase decomposition and nutrient allocation of the soil, and more importantly, act as a fungicide against soil diseases and nematodes.



Here at Casaplanta, we offer options to optimize your lawn and garden. Among those options are FoxFarm products that incorporate the beneficial bat guano in their already nutritionally packed potting soils!



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