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What is a Perennial?

A perennial plant, once planted, is meant to last for years or longer, with cyclical bursts of flowers, where each season the color may be slightly different from the. It is important to consider that perennials aren't cold-hardy, though they usually bounce back from a normal winter's cold snaps. With that in mind, perennials are a cornerstone to South Floridian landscaping due to our gentler winters.

For constant vibrancy in your garden, pairings with annual flowers could give a consistency in color, especially  if that particular perennial season yields a less colorful flower appearance.

In addition to lasting a “Florida lifetime”, perennials are bringers of butterflies and many other local pollinators.

To keep your perennials healthy, scheduled trimming would be needed. In spring and summer, or as the weather warms, general cutting back of the plants would promote new growth and new flowers for your garden. During this time as well, regular watering and fertilizing is needed to assist in the new growth.


We carry the following perennials:

Red Mini Hollyhock
Blue Daze
Mexican Heather
Mexican Heather
Bush Daisy
Cats Whiskers
Society Garlic
Hardy Plumbago