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A properly landscaped, well maintained lawn adds both beauty and value to your property whether you purchase an existing home or build a new one. Most homeowners have neither the time or experience to landscape their yard to its full potential. That’s where the experts such as those at Casaplanta Garden Center come in. There’s a little more involved in landscaping than keeping the grass mowed!

The layout of various shrubs, bushes, flowers, and trees is important in achieving a pleasing, eye-catching effect that shows off the house and property. In real estate terms, ‘curb appeal’ is a high priority. The folks at Casaplanta Garden Center will meet with you, tour your property, and recommend a design that best suits your wants and needs. Climate, soil condition, and whether the property is flat or contains various heights all contribute to determining the best plan. Also, meeting any HoA requirements must be considered.

Irrigation & Drainage
Part of the design must include a sprinkler system that works well with the lawn and plants that have been chosen; varying amounts of water are needed by different plants and trees. Drainage is also a consideration – you don’t want areas of the lawn turning into a swampland while other areas are starving for water. Again, the expertise of the personnel at Casaplanta Garden Center will know exactly what’s needed.

Lighting can play a big part in making the aesthetics of your landscaping more appealing. There are many designs and styles of lighting fixtures that blend well with whatever landscaping design is in place. Subtle lighting softens the appearance of what could look harsh in bright light, while brighter light may be appropriate to highlight certain areas.

Here at Casaplanta, we want to help you in bringing your landscape dream to a beautiful, green reality.

Have our team help you with a specific, detailed landscape design. We also give you the option to meet and walk with us at the Garden Center to hand pick the flowers, plants, and trees that you see best fit your landscape. Contact Casaplanta Landscape Division at (786) 314-9925 or email us at Landscapesolutions@casaplantamiami.com for your Landscape Solutions and Design needs.

Fill out our Landscape Service Inquiry form here and we will have a member of our landscape team reach out to you immediately!

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