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Your commercial property does not need not need to look dull and boring. Our professional landscapers here at Casaplanta Garden Center can transform the entire appearance of your property into something beautifully appealing and welcoming to clients and potential customers. Regardless of whether the property is an office building, warehousing, or shopping centers, well planned and cared-for landscaping adds value to commercial areas and gives employees a sense of pride in their workplace.

Design is the first step in improving the appearance of your property. Casaplanta Garden Center employs experts who can create the perfect environment with a combination of trees, flowers, shrubbery, and grass that compliment each other and the buildings. Many factors contribute to the design plan that’s right for you – location, size of property, ease of maintenance, and local ordinances are a few things considered when designing your landscaping.

Irrigation and drainage are very important components of your landscaping plans. Sprinkler systems are designed to deliver the correct amount of water for the plants that have been chosen, while a properly installed drainage system assures an even flow of excess water draining away. Too much water (ie – rain) can actually be harmful to plants when there is no drainage. Good drainage is essential in maintaining the health and appearance of any landscaping.

Lighting is designed and installed to enhance and showcase the beauty of your landscaping. It is amazing what a few well-placed lights can do to create a unique look and feel.

Take a look at some of our projects:

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Plant Rental Service

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Have our team help you with a specific, detailed landscape design. Our landscape Design experts can guide you on the many options for landscaping in our South Florida climate. Contact Casaplanta Landscape Division at (786) 314-9925 or email us at Landscapesolutions@casaplantamiami.com for your Landscape Solutions and Design needs.