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Generally, Bromeliads are easy-to-care for plants. This plant doesn’t need deep planters or thick potting soils like most plants do. Best of all, they add a vibrant and unique  tropical color to any landscape area!

Caring for Bromeliads in South Florida


Bromeliads  thrive in shallow pots and they grow best in fast-draining mediums. You can use soils that create a consistent aeration for the roots.These include orchid mixes, bark blends, and sphagnum moss.


Hailing from the tropical jungles closest to the equator, most bromeliads enjoy temperatures between 75 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit with general humidity ranging from 50 to 75 percent.

As Floridians, such a range is attainable and most bromeliads can be kept outdoors all year round in an area that has indirect sunlight.


Bromeliads are extremely easy to water. Simply fill the interior “cup” formed at the base of the plant where the leaves branch out. The water collected in this cup, however, should be monitored. Any debris or insects found in the cup should be removed immediately.

On a weekly schedule, the water collected in the cup should also be removed in order to prevent the attraction of unwanted insects, such as mosquitos.

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