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How To Care for Orchids

Here in our Miami garden center, Casaplanta offers a variety of orchid species. Here's some helpful tips on how to care for orchids once you bring them to your home or office.


Unlike most plants, Orchids do not require soil at all. But rather, Orchids require a moss or bark substrate for which their soils can attach themselves to. There are several types of growing media that can be used with orchid plants—redwood or fir bark, sphagnum peat moss, rocks, cork, charcoal, sand, potting soil, etc. If fertilizing, fertilizers used on orchids should contain little or no urea. Instead, orchids grown in bark mixes needed to be fertilized with formulations high in nitrogen, i.e., 30-10-10. We recommend Espoma Organic Orchid! Bloom Booster Plant Food.


Reason why Orchids do not require soil is because Orchids require a sufficient amount of aeration that compacted soil is unable to provide. In nature, Orchids grow on rocks or tree surfaces. Orchid potting media should be open, with exceptionally good drainage still capable of holding a sufficient amount of moisture to support the plant's needs. When container gardening with orchids, we recommend Espoma Organic Premium Orchid Mix to allow for sufficient air flow to the Orchid Roots.


Now this natural factor may be tricky. Too little light may produce luscious looking green leaves, but no flowers, while too much light will produce flowers but light lime green leaves. The latter, is actually OK. According to the American Orchid Society, foliage should not be a lush, dark green. Orchids grown under sufficient light should have lighter, yellow-green foliage. It’s completely natural for the orchid to look like this and is a sign of the flowering plant’s health. Place your orchids near a east facing window sill for the most delicate light.


Over-watering could kill an orchid plant. The frequency of watering should be close to once a week dependent on how dry the flower becomes. Orchids are considered easy maintenance plants because it is ok to forget to water. If in doubt, a finger inserted into the potting mix is perhaps the best tool to determine the moisture content of the potting mix and whether or not you should water your orchid. If the soil is moist, no need to water. If dry to the touch, add water.

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