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We are proud to offer a huge selection of Spanish Talavera Pottery in our Outdoor Living section of our Garden Center. From planters, to sculptures and other beautiful decorative ornaments, we have the perfect piece for your home or garden.  Have questions? Please feel free to contact us before you head in to see us!

The History of Spanish Talavera Pottery

Imagine walking around Puebla, Mexico in the year 1531. During this time, due to religious influence, Spanish monasteries and churches are being built, bringing about a demand for a unique and vibrant art. The area of Puebla provided high-quality natural clay that Spanish craftsman and indigenous people utilized to produce various tiles that would pave the developing churches, and thus the new artistic tradition of the region, known as Talavera Poblana. Natural pigments of blue, yellow, black, orange and mauve were captured by various dyes to create exotic illustrations on what is now known as Spanish Talavera Pottery.

Talavera pottery is a type of maiolica earthenware, handmade pottery distinguished by a white base glaze. The process of making pots, plates, bowls and other ceramics is vigorous and extraordinary.  The process observed by the Mexican Talavera Regulatory Council has existed since the 16th Century, involving mixing of natural materials and firing to degrees of about 1560 Fahrenheit. To be a Talavera artisan in Mexico, one must be certified by the Regulatory Council and then be re-certified every 6 months after.

With that brief history in mind, one should appreciate the craft, the value, and the effort invested into each and every intricate design. By owning Talavera, you are owning a piece of history and a unique piece of cultural elegance.

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